UPDATE FROM BOOBIESFOR1MBTC CEO: “Dear followers. Unfortunately, due to widespread interest and massive adoption you won’t any longer be required to send 0,001 because that would just be fucking ridiculous. I should have called this BOOBIESFOR1BIT. The new necessary amount will be 100 bits or 0.0001 BTC. Furthermore we are now expanding our services to STELLAR (see address below)

How it works

1. Transfer 1mBTC (0,0001 BTC) to: 1EBFkVd2cKfL4dPimfEQwwAhUo1sHnnop

Transfer 0.002 ETH to:
Transfer 50 XLM to:

2. Send txid and address it was sent from, to info@boobiesfor1mbtc.com

3. Receive boobies